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Comprehensive Services

Brandman Centers for Senior Care (BCSC) provides participants with every high-quality health and wellness service they need. Participants enjoy a comprehensive range of services tailored to their personal needs. With day-to-day monitoring of participants' well-being, participants can look forward to fewer health crises, best use of medications, and a better quality of life.

Enrolling in BCSC Means
Full Coverage

BCSC provides participants with all of their health care services. In turn, individuals enrolling in our PACE program agree to receive all of their healthcare services from BCSC.

Services recommended and coordinated by the PACE Interdisciplinary Team may include, but are not limited to:

Primary Medical Care and Specialties

Our own primary care physicians care for participants and make referrals to medical specialists in a variety of medical fields for any other care needed, including tests and laboratory work. Expert nursing services provide participants with a personalized preventive healthcare program.


BCSC provides physical, occupational and speech therapy to help participants remain in their own homes and enjoy life to the fullest. Comprehensive rehabilitation and skill-building therapies include the following:

  • Physical Therapy — therapeutic exercise and fitness training, massage, and thermal therapy
  • Occupational Therapy — making the home environment safe and ease to use, assistance with activities of daily living, and improved self-sufficiency
  • Speech Therapy — speech recovery and improvement, swallowing, and improved cognition

Social Work

BCSC's social work staff provides sensitive and caring support for emotional, family and social issues. The BCSC social worker is part of an Interdisciplinary Team.

Nutritional Counseling and Meals

Registered dietitians at BCSC know how vital a healthy, nutritious diet is to health and well-being. Whenever needed we provide personally tailored and monitored meal planning and special diets . When participants visit BCSC they receive meals. Meals also may be home-delivered.

Adult Day Healthcare

The BCSC Center provides a safe, secure and caring environment created specifically for PACE participants. At the center, participants enjoy social and recreational programs designed to stimulate the mind and engage the body. Programmed activities include games, individual and group exercise programs like yoga and T'ai Chi, arts and crafts, intergenerational experiences, pet therapy, musical entertainment, day trips, and more. BCSC also provides delicious meals tailored to nutritional needs and restrictions.

Homecare and Home Health Services

Sometimes personal care assistance in the participant's home is an essential part of retaining independence at home. BCSC provides skilled home healthcare for participants when prescribed by the participant's primary care physician.

Prescription Drugs, Labs, DME and Supplies

As a BCSC participant, your prescription drugs are prescribed by your BCSC primary care physician and provided by BCSC. There is no need to use an outside pharmacy. Needed laboratory, diagnostic and x-ray services, and durable medical equipment and supplies are provided at no added cost.

Additional BCSC Services

Emergency and urgent care is available at BCSC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ambulance service is provided. Should a higher level of care be required, BCSC will arrange for hospitalization, nursing home care, or additional homecare services.


BCSC enrollees enjoy safe, efficient transportation. BCSC's drivers assure safe door-to-door travel to and from the Center, as well as to and from off-site medical appointments. BCSC vans are thoroughly equipped for safety, with special accommodations for passengers with disabilities.