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The Interdisciplinary Team

A team of service providers from a variety of healthcare fields and disciplines provides and manages care. The BCSC Interdisciplinary Team includes the following members:

Center Manager

The Center manager oversees all operations of the Center. The Center manager is the "go to" person for special concerns a participant may have about services and enrollment.

Primary Care Physician

The primary care physician directs the participant's treatment and care, supervises the work of other team members, and monitors each plan of care.


A registered nurse coordinates services. The nurse may do assessments, administer medications, and provide treatments ordered by the BCSC primary care physician.

Social Worker

A social worker provides assistance and counseling in matters ranging from administrative assistance to lifestyle and emotional support.

Recreation Therapist

A recreation therapist helps improve or maintain physical and mental well-being, build confidence, and socialize more effectively. Treatment programs include creative arts, drama, music, sports, games, and outings.

Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists

Therapists help restore function and confidence to those affected by illness, accidents, surgeries, or setbacks. The goal of BCSC therapies is to aid participants in achieving independence living a rewarding lifestyle.


Health and wellness begin with a satisfying and nutritious diet. BCSC dietitians help participants plan wholesome, appealing and nutritious meals and incorporate special diets.

Personal Care Attendants

BCSC personal care attendants provide participants with help in the Center or at home. Services may include light housecleaning, laundry, bathing, meal preparation and shopping.