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TTY phone number is 818.774.3194
Hours of operation are: 8:30AM–5:00PM Mon-Fri

Reasons to Choose the Brandman Centers for Senior Care

We Provide You with Comprehensive Care

BCSC provides all the care and services covered by Medicare and Medi-Cal, plus medically-necessary services not covered by Medicare and Medi-Cal. Best of all, BCSC offers participants the flexibility to meet their healthcare needs while continuing to live at home.

Our Focus is Personal

At the Brandman Centers for Senior Care . . .

  • Live at home for as long as possible
  • Remain as healthy as possible
  • Maintain independence and quality of life
  • Obtain healthcare tailored to individual needs
  • Have the support of friendly, expert healthcare professionals
  • Coordinate healthcare in one location
  • Access acute or emergency care 24/7
  • Get to and from the Center in comfortable, accessible vans
  • Receive prescription drugs
  • Gain peace of mind and support for family members

The BCSC team is made up of healthcare professionals experienced in caring for seniors. They get to know each participant, including living situation and personal preferences. Each senior and family, if desired, participates as the team develops specific personal goals and ongoing plan of care.

Yes, PACE Covers Prescription Drugs

BCSC offers prescription drug coverage. When you join BCSC, you'll get your covered drugs and all other necessary medication from BCSC. Note: BCSC participants do not need a separate Medicare drug plan. 

We Support Family Caregivers, Too

BCSC supports family members and other caregivers with training, support groups and respite care, all of which help participants remain independent and part of their communities.

Care Decisions Are All Made Here

No "higher authorities" can overrule what the participant's doctor and other care providers agree is best. Any participant who disagrees with the BCSC Interdisciplinary Team about any part of a care plan has the right to file an appeal. However, participants who elect to join a separate Medicare Prescription Drug Plan will be disenrolled from BCSC and prescription drug benefits.

Preventive Care is Covered

The goal of BCSC is to help each participant retain independence, living in the community for as long as possible. To improve safety in the home environment, and enhance wellness and well-being, we focus on preventive care.

Transportation is Included

BCSC provides transportation to and from the Center for activities, and for medical appointments.