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Hours of operation are: 8:30AM–5:00PM Mon-Fri

What Participants and Families Around the Country Are Saying (about PACE)

  • Before I enrolled, I visited the Center twice, met the staff and told them about my needs. A friendly driver picked me up in the morning. We talked about my family and the day ahead. The time flew by, and before I knew it, I was at the Center."
  • It's such a comfort to talk to people who are specialists in all areas of aging and can figure things out with you. I met with a team of specialists including a physician, nurse, social worker, nutritionist, occupational therapist, and others who asked questions, did tests, and put together a plan of care. I liked the results."
  • I decided to enroll in PACE and am so glad I did! The staff really helped me solve my problems. They met with my daughter and me and explained how to get care in an emergency. They connected me to a physician and network of medical specialists, arranged for me to visit the Center three days a week, and delivered meals every evening. The onsite pharmacist also filled my prescriptions. If I ever need to go to a hospital or nursing home they'll arrange for that, too."
  • Before I enrolled in a PACE program, I felt lost. I had questions about staying healthy at home, keeping up the house, getting around, and a lot more. But when I called an intake coordinator, I knew I had found the answer. She came to the house and we talked things over. I learned more about the program. The intake coordinator really knew what was what, and she really listened."
  • I had been trying to help my aunt. She was financially drained, and I was overwhelmed by her need for treatment and care. When we found PACE, we were so grateful."
  • Everyone knows the satisfaction of being part of a close community. PACE is the right place for me."