About Brandman Centers for Senior Care

We are a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly – PACE

What is PACE?

As a PACE, we can provide all of your medical care and become your insurer. You won't need a separate insurance plan. The benefit to you is that, if your care team determines that you need a medical service or equipment, they can provide it to you without delays.

PACE is a benefit of the United States Medicare program and California's Medi-Cal program. Brandman Centers for Senior Care is a member of  of the National PACE Association. This is a group of 130 PACE programs in the United States. We are also members of CalPACE.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality health care and supportive services, and enhance the well-being of elders, their family caregivers, and the community.


Provide excellent and accessible resources that promote senior wellness. Improve the quality of life for seniors, their caregivers, and the community.

Respond to the changing needs of the community through education and outreach.

Provide innovative leadership, knowledge, effective communication, and financial resources to accomplish our mission.

Our Values

Caring for the community's elders as a "sacred trust." Going beyond the basics to include mental, emotional and spiritual sustenance.

Including participants as part of the Los Angeles Jewish Health's "extended family." Treating elders as one would a parent or grandparent.

Being open to all in need of services, regardless of race, ethnicity, income or sexual orientation.

Respecting the value and worth of every individual.

Providing compassionate and high quality care. Allowing seniors to keep their independence at home without jeopardizing health or safety.

Fostering teamwork to meet the challenges of caring for frail seniors.

Los Angeles Jewish Health

Brandman Centers for Senior Care is part of Los Angeles Jewish Health which is one of the largest non-profit serving seniors in the western United States.

The Jewish tradition values elders and extends a helping hand to immigrants and refugees. For more than 100 years, Los Angeles Jewish Health has focused on charity, quality and dignity.

At Brandman, we bring these ideals to serving people of all religion and ethnicities.

Our Licensing and Affiliations

Brandman Centers for Senior Care is a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) that receives approval and oversight from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We are licensed through the California Department of Health Care Services' (CDHCS) Long-term care division.

Our professional affiliations include:


For Families

Learn how we support the people who take care of their loved ones.


For Providers

Get information for reimbursement, or how to become a provider to us.


Refer a Senior

If you are a health or community professional, here's how to refer a senior to us.



Find out if you qualify, or if your loved one qualifies.



Support seniors by sharing your time and talent with us.



Make a one-time, monthly or legacy donation.



Apply for a rewarding job and build your career at Brandman.



Frequently Asked Questions about Brandman

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